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Useful Ways To Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be used as a natural remedy, the leaves of the Melaleuca Tree (Tea Tree) have been used for decades in Australia to treat colds, wounds and skin problems.

Tea Tree oil uses:

Acne treatment
Helps allergic skin reactions
Fix athletes foot
Bbad breath
Dandruff problems
Dental plaque
Sinus problems
Eye infections
Fungal nail infections
Genital herpes
Head lice
Thrush and other vaginal infections
Insect Bites

Ways To Use Tea Tree

Wash and dry your face and dab the oil on or use it to wash your face with to help with acne.
Add to shampoo and conditioner to treat hair and give it a shine.
Mix with sugar and olive oil and rub it on your legs to remove any shaving rashes/bumps.
Mix Tea tree and Olive Oil and massage into scalp and leave for an hour and wash out, this will treat any dandruff problems.



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