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The first step to getting what you want: Knowing your worth. Now is the time to upgrade your belief system to get what you want.

About The ‘Book Of Belief’ eBook

Book Of Beliefs by Christina Blu

This short e-book is around 36 pages and is for anyone who struggles with belief and feels like they hold themselves back, as it was something I was doing for a long time, I was blocking myself from getting to where I want to be and blocking blessings without even realising it was all because of my mind and the beliefs I had.


Beliefs affect our whole lives

We develop our beliefs from people and our environment from experiences we have, these beliefs are then programmed into our brain, something that we BELIEVE is the truth. It’s like a habit, you get up every day and brush your teeth without thinking about it, its just something that we do. A belief is the same even if its not true, it can be literally imprinted in your brain and affect the way you act and hold you back even if you don’t think about it. Someone may have once made you doubt yourself when growing up which made you choose a different path in life, or you may really want to do something but don’t feel confident enough to do it because somewhere deep inside you there will be a belief that you might fail or you don’t feel good enough!


Upgrade Your Belief System to match your vision


Don’t Hold Yourself Back

These beliefs are not the truth and becoming aware of the ones holding you back and replacing them with better beliefs will change your life. You are always going to have some kind of belief, so you may as well have control of these beliefs change them to beliefs that make you feel confident and sure about yourself to feel like you can do anything you want in this life.


“Don’t tip toe through life playing it safe to death,
we only get one shot of life.
Don’t let what you do be based on what you have heard.
Unless the people that are giving the opinion
are getting phenomenal results.” – Bob Proctor


You Have The Power To Change How You Feel

You can change your beliefs doing mind work and by repetition and affirmations. It’s like when someone lies and keeps lying, eventually they will believe their own lie to be truth! Thats the same thing with belief, if you keep telling yourself over and over again that you can do whatever you want to do and that you believe in yourself, eventually you will.

It’s Time To Upgrade Your Belief System

The book is split into different areas filled with some examples of affirmations you can use to change your belief. Because you do have control over your mind and you can change how you feel at any point, we only get one life, so why not live believing you are worthy and confident to follow your dreams? When you follow your true purpose or passion, you not only live the life of your dreams but you also benefit the whole world too! (Read this blog on all of the people who followed their dreams that seemed crazy to other people, but actually changed the world.)


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