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The Physcology Of Winning – Denis Waitley

A list of simple ways to grow and self develop. Inspired by Denis Waitley in “The Physcology of Winning.”

The Psychology of Winning

Regular Health Checks
Exercise/Stretch 30 minutes daily.
Keep on learning.
Make a list of what you love and develop what you are good at and enjoy.
Start doing more things you enjoy.
Always seek truth, be truthful and find the truth.
Dress for who you want to be.
Be confident and say your name first when you meet someone.
Accept compliments! Answer with a confident “Thank you.”
Know that it’s ok to make mistakes, accept it, apologise, sooner you accept it the sooner you can move on and grow.
Walk with a purpose.
Have good posture, keep your head high and show you are confident!
Take responsibility for your life, don’t blame anyone else.
Always give more than you get.
Practice meditation to clear your mind and body from stress.
Whenever you feel like doing something, just do it, don’t wait!
Live in the moment and be present.
Really know that you have the power to create whatever you life you want!



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