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#LifeSecrets: 3 Intention

The power of Intention and using it to gain confidence to achieve your dreams.

If you are having a self-doubt moment or lack of confidence before or during the pursuit of your dreams, thinking about the Intention is a good way to over come this self doubt. Think about why you want it first. Just think, you only get one chance in life, don’t let yourself or other people’s opinions affect you and hold you back. Which is easier said than done, but if you unlock the intention of why you want it you will gain confidence and be unstoppable.

Setting intention is the starting point to success, so set the intention for yourself, because you love it and it makes you feel alive. According to Jim Carrey Intention creates things, it makes things happen. “Our intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.”

“Our intention creates our reality.” – Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer says that when we are connected with the power of intention, we are aligned with our purpose. A person in the field of intention makes themselves available to success. When you change your thoughts to be an optimistic perception of yourself, your desires manifest naturally.

Elizabeth Gilbert recently said in an interview with Lewis Howes (you can watch here) how Sarah Jones told her look within, don’t think about the outside resources whether other people will like what your doing, only ask whether you like it and it makes you feel excited and inspired to wake up in the morning, otherwise it will lead you off your path.

Do things for yourself because you love it, do it because it satisfies you from within. Don’t do it for outside and for the intent of being popular or famous, because then your happiness is in the hands of other people. When your intention is right, your confidence is right!

"If you only play for the applause, then your happiness is in the hands of the audience"

Putting yourself out there and going for your dreams is scary because you make yourself vulnerable for the world to have their opinion about you, but when your intention is set and your doing it purely for yourself, negative comments or setbacks wont affect you.

If everyone focused on themselves and doing things that make them happy, they wouldn’t be criticizing you for following your dream. No matter what your dream is, the fact you are trying to improve your life is an achievement in itself. Even if there are people who are further than you in the industry you want, it doesn’t matter because you will enjoy every second of the time you have spent doing it.

“When you’re clear on your intention, you take inspired action thats in alignment with your words and truth. You also quickly manifest what you desire because you’re clearly putting out words and actions that are in alignment with the things you want to attract in your life.”

Inspiration behind this blog post

Sitting there one day and experiencing doubt and worrying about what other people will think, but then realising I’m doing it for myself and out of love so it doesn’t matter!

"You don't need a fan club to achieve your goals, be your own motivation."