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Health Benefits of Adding Dates To Your Diet

The amazing benefits of Dates for your health & beauty.

Perfect way to add in more fiber, potassium and copper to your diet.
Rich in Vitamins B1, B3 and B5 which are amazing for the skin. (Information about vitamins here).
High levels of fibre and potassium which promote a healthy digestive system, can help with constipation problems and the growth of organisms in the intestines.
Natural sugar gives you a natural energy boost.
High amount of iron.
Helps to detox the body and maintain a healthy weight.
Contains no cholesterol or fat.
Boosts sex drive.
Great for muscle development.
Contains organic sulphur which helps reduce allergic reactions and allergies.
Gives you brain power and makes you more alert.
Can be used to for alcohol intoxication, quickly sobers you up as well as helping with hangovers!



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