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The Gorgeous Skin Diet

The best foods to add to your diet that improve your skin health.

Red Bell Peppers

High in vitamin C which is essential for the skin to produce collagen.
Contains sillicon which helps to keep the skin youthful.


High in Vitamin A which helps with the renewal of skin cells.


Helps to hydrate the skin and contains minerals that help to restore elasticity of the skin.


Good fat full of vitamins A,C and E which keep the skin soft.
Helps to protect the skin from pollution because of the glutamate in them.


Helps to cleanse and oxygenate blood cells with its high levels of vitamins A, C and E.
Hydrates the skin which helps to reduce eye wrinkles and spots.

Sweet Potatoes

Brightens up the skin because of its high levels of Beta carotene.
High level of vitamins C and A.


90% water which hydrates the skin.
Full of vitamins B and C.


Contain vitamins A, C and E.
Helps protect against radical damage.
Oxygenates skin cells.



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