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Following A Unique Path – Interview with CEO & Dancer Rudolf Nasangue

This interview with Entrepreneur Rudolf Nsangue is the perfect example of someone who took their own unique path in life. With a background in finance and hip hip dance people told him it wasn’t possible to pursue these two things – now he has combined the two together and has launched his own Event Management Company in the UAE. 

What I love about Rudolf’s story is that its the perfect example of someone who has no intention other than to follow what is in their heart. Studying Finance for 6 years working 5x a week, then pursuing his passion for dance travelling around the world holding work shops for dancers, Rudolf proves you can have it ALL and you are limitless.

Following your heart + Not listening to limitations + Taking Action = Success



Event company that gives dancers an opportunity whilst creating the highest level of events that push beyond limits. Best experience for the crowd as well as the performers. All of the artists are treated with high level respect so they can give their best performances at the events.


Bring quality artists environment in Dubai, give talented people more opportunity whilst taking events to the next level, starting in Dubai and will move worldwide. Already in Paris, Africa and the UAE.


Taking Risks: Why Dubai?
“The energy in Dubai is inspiring, people come here and they have already took a risk to live here by moving away from their home and you can feel that. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone. To start the company in Dubai was completely out of my comfort zone – having to learn and adapt as well as building my dream. It really helped me to surround myself with good inspiring people who are also on a mission to success.

When two passions blend together:

“Studying for 6 years and completing a masters in Finance, I started dance later on when I was like 18, which also seemed a bit scary as a lot of dancers start from a much younger age. However I did it for fun then opportunities to travel around the world dancing came and I took it serious. I joined a dance group called E-Live and me and a friend started to give classes. My first travelling job was in New York, it was a life changing experience to get paid to travel and do something you are passionate about and made me realise that anything is possible.” Rudolf also travelled to LA and over Europe to share his dance knowledge and help others develop.

When your dreams lead you to the right places when it comes from your heart:

Travelling to New York for the 1st dancing job ever, it was only for 2 weeks. Rudolf said he felt like home straight away in New York and wanted to stay. He applied for some finance internships and just on the last moment, he managed to meet the right connection in the most randomest place who knew someone who was looking for a finance intern. Thanks to dancing he ended up living in New York for 6 months on an internship.


Then during New York, he got the opportunity to audition for Step up 3 and actually landed the role, but he listened to his heart and went back to Paris to pursue his vision and to start his own company. After travelling to Dubai a couple of times to give dance classes “I saw amazing opportunity in Dubai to mix my experience with my passions so I took the risk, left Paris and moved here to start up my entrepreneur experience and set up my company in 2016.”

Turn your passions and to make a difference in the world.

At the same time, Rudolf is also developing the dance communities in Africa. Since 2013 has been raising money for AIRN a charity in Africa, holding work shops to develop dance and raises money.

Already Making Moves
“Performing in Red Fest to over 10,000 people just after Sean Paul to showcase one of the talented artists on the label Jade Mac Allister, which was an amazing experience to show case our work in the Middle East.”

– If you stay focused and work hard, nothing is impossible.

Tools to believe in yourself:

Get mentally strong. Care about yourself, your mind and your body first.

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