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Vision Your Dreams

Ever wanted to see what your dream life could look like? loves to find the best resources that help towards becoming your best version and achieving your dreams and Dream Boards are an amazing way to really see how your life could be and all of the things you want to achieve in life.

Win a dream board on a DollarsandArt Canvas. Prize worth $1000. WINNER ANNOUNCED 15TH NOVEMBER – PRIZE GIVEN 1ST DECEMBER

We had a competition for the first 20 people to send in their dreams would win their own Dream Board. You can check out a few examples below. It’s truly touching and inspiring that so many people sent in their amazing dreams and goals.

“If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.”

“I am so thankful for my amazing vision board.. I was at a moment in my life when I was losing motivation and had no structure. My vision board helped me get that back, and within two months I completed 90% of my goals. It helped me focus and was a constant reminder of what I want to achieve. I’m so much happier now. I couldn’t recommend Pretty Secrets Dream Boards enough!” – Simone Riley at SlayCityUK

“You attract what’s on your mind.”

Because of such an incredible response the competition has been extended with an even better prize. DollarsandArt have collaborated with us so that one winner and now the prize is your dreams created into art on a DollarsandArt canvas worth $1000. Jim Wheat the founder of DollarsandArt loved this idea for the competition as he used a dream board a few years ago to help put his dreams in perspective a couple of years ago, which have now all came true!

Dream Boards

To enter just email 5 of your dreams & goals to


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Vision Board Inspiration

For dream board enquiries / to order your personalised dream board please email:


The Science Behind Dream Boards

The pictures and visions you make in your mind, impress your subconscious and starts to manifest externally into your life. Thats why its important to surround yourself with these positive visions of what you want so you are constantly reminded to feel good about whats to come in your life. You attract what you are. Anything can come to you when you believe it is possible.

Dream board inspiration
Dream Board Pretty-secrets

“You become what you think about.”

Vision Board Ideas

“It’s the law of attraction, when things are going good you can visualise these good things, that’s easy, what’s not easy is when things are going bad and your visualising the good stuff.” – Conor McGregor
Pretty-Secrets - Christina Blu
Creating Dream Boards

To order your personalised dream board, email for more information.

Inspirational Video

Watch this motivating video which explains more about the law of attraction and using visualisation.



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