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From Corporate 9-5 to a World Wide Entrepreneurial Artist


Interview with Jim Wheat the founder of Dollars and Art about leaving a successful career in the corporate world and unexpecedly found a new passion and meaning through life through art. Although it was never in his life plan, Jim is now a successful Entrepreneurial Artist and has found a new meaning to life, sharing his purpose and message with the world.

We love talking to people about how they found their purpose and live every day doing what they love to do, we are grateful that Jim Wheat a humble and inspiring person has shared his story with us on how he took a risk to leave a successful career behind and ended up finding his true purpose and became an International Artist. You can check out Jims blog  here.

About Jim & Dollarsandart

Jim Wheat is an International Artist and the founder of Dollarsandart ‘Contemporary Art that tells a story.’ Originally from the North West with a Degree in Civil Engineering and finishing a masters in California. He then returned to the UK for a career in Sales and Marketing before moving to Dubai in 2002.

Jim Wheat Dollarsandart

Why Dollarsandart?

The inspiration behind Dollarsandart happened from experiencing from both ‘have nots’ and ‘haves’ from his chosen career paths – in California, then through commercial roles in sectors across construction and then in the Golf Industry and then moving into such a material existence in Dubai; he wondered why there was an unwritten rule for money being the product of happiness. At one point he he even thought that money would be the answer for happiness himself. When he realised it wasn’t Jim started to observe why the dollar was the central point of influence and decision in peoples lives. Why people base their life around money and when they get it, some are still not happy? The $ can be the motiviation or limitation in people’s lives and is sometimes the main motive for decisions that can lead you on a path far away from where you are supposed to be.

Piers Morgan and Jim Wheat

Peirs Morgan signing the Dollar for Dollarsandart.

So how did he start to find his true purpose?

Everyone thought Jim was crazy leaving behind such a successful career. But when something just isn’t right for you and is not in alignment with your true purpose, you will never feel at ease or true happiness. He listened to what he was feeling, he wasn’t happy for a while and made the decision that he didn’t want to feel like that anymore. He started to use art as a form of therapy during a time of loss and started using art to express his struggles/ experiences/success. He chose to use the Dollar Sign as the feature of all his pieces because of all the pros and cons and effects that it has in his own life and in everyone else’s lives.

Donald Trump and Jim Wheat

Trump signing the Dollar.

What made you choose art?

Jim has a corporate background, an international Artist was never something Jim even knew he was capable of doing. So what was the inspiration of choosing oil and a canvas to express yourself during this time of your life?

During this huge time period of change and growth, Jim took a step back and started to think about what he wanted. He didn’t know what direction he was actually going or what he wanted to do, so he created is own Dream Board by hand, cutting image sour of magazines of things he wanted that included $100 bills, Golf Courses, walks along the beach, fine dining and fashion. This is when the inspiration came to him to pick up a paint brush and take his emotions into the art. All of these things Jim included on his Dream Board are now apart of his life. He really believed and opened his arms and heart into the law of attraction and creating his own reality.

Jim Wheat - Dollarsandart

Opening of Dollarsandart Art Gallery.

Giving Back

“Finding yourself gives you the chance to help others.”

Jim takes any opportunity he can to give back and has raised in excess of AED 250,000 / £45,000 / $65,000 in the last 4 years for charities including Al Noor special Needs, Joining Jack, Finding your feet, Gary Player foundation, Kevin Pietersen Foundation, Guklf 4 good, J9 Foundation, Sir Ian both ams charity, Greatwood Horses and CHICS to name a few.

Al Noor Diamond Charity

Jim travels the world delivering a positive message through his art work, motivational speeches and work shops inspiring people to celebrate life – to encourage people to listen to their dreams and follow them.

Isn’t it amazing that just by following his truth, listening to what was going on within and following the inspiration that came to him Jim has now become a successful International Artist – with 6 art collections, private commissions and celebrity collaborations?! This is just an example of when someone follows their heart, no matter how unrealistic it may seem at first, the most unique life path can come from it.

"No one else is you and that is your power."

Your chance to win a Dream Board

Pretty-Secrets summer contest offers the winner a chance to win their own personalised Dream Board. As Jim has experienced the success of using his own dream board, he wants to help Pretty-Secrets help you achieve your dreams, by offering the winner to have their dream board created on a Canvas worth $1000! For more details about the competition click here.

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