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5 Re-Occuring Thoughts That Can Ruin Your Mood

These 5 thoughts are so small yet they can really ruin your day and make you feel like sh*t! But its ok, now you are aware of them, they can be replaced. 🙂

5 thoughts that ruin your day

1. Wishing you were somewhere else.

2. Comparing your life to others.

3. Dwelling on all the things going wrong.

4. Complaining and blaming others.

5. Being sad over lack or things you don’t have.



1. Remind yourself that you are not there for a reason and where you are now is exactly where you are supposed to be.

2. Know everyone is on their own separate journey be grateful for who you are and where you are, your special time will come.

3. Think of all the things that are going well for you.

4. Instead of blaming others, take responsibility and know you have the power to change any situation.

5. Be grateful for the things and people you do have and know there are better things suited for you coming.


Thank you for the inspiration Wendy Broune.

[blockquote] “When you let your life, exactly as it is today, be enough, miracles will manifest. When you fixate on what’s missing, more miracles can’t come your way.” – Wendy Braune [/blockquote]