Snail Gel Benefits

Snail Gel Review

New Beauty products are always hitting the market that claim to prevent wrinkles, however what really appealed to me about the latest beauty product from Dr Organic “Snail Gel” was its amazing bioactive organic and natural ingredients. The Snail Gel is an anti ageing moisturiser contains the unique ingredient of Helix Aspersa Muller which Continue reading

The Best Foods For Beautiful Skin

Tips For Beautiful Skin

The Skin and scalp are the last body parts in the body to receive nourishments from our diets. This is why having a bad diet and eating bad foods will lead to dull skin that will look dull, blotchy, spotty and unhealthy. There are hundreds of products full of nutrients such a supplements that help keep the skin healthy which should be used on top of a healthy diet as it is a lot more important to look after your skin internally to get that inner glow look! Continue reading

Slendertone Ab Review

Slendertone Abs Belt


The Slendertone Abs belt is something I started with a positive mindset because I know any movement is amazing for your body. The main purpose of Slendertone for me was to gain more definition, trimming down my stomach area is the hardest part of my body for me personally even though I do a high intense 30-40 min work out 5 times a week with a healthy diet. The booklet does state that you do not need to do physical activity but I am carrying on with my usual regime Continue reading

Vegetable Spaghetti

Nutritious Vegetable Spaghetti Recipe

Delicious and nutritious alternative to spaghetti, takes appox 20 minutes max depending on how quick/slow you are at cutting :) .. Guarantee this will leave you full and satisfied with more energy than normal spaghetti! Enjoy xxx Continue reading

List Of 50 Superfoods

The List Of 50 Superfoods

Transform your life by including this amazing list of the top most nourishing foods for your body, if you are going to eat you may as well make it actually beneficial for your entire life! “Nutrition is not low in fat, it is not low calorie, its not feeling hungry and deprived, it is nourishing your body with real, whole foods so that you are consistently satisfied and energised to live your life to the fullest!” Continue reading

Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

The “Miracle Oil” Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Tea Tree oil is an amazing essential oil that can be used for many purposes. It is said that the leaves of Melaleuca Tree (otherwise known as the Tea Tree) have been used for decades in Australia to treat colds, wounds, sore throats and skin problems. Personally I purchased the oil in hope to improve my skin and remove any spots that I had. Continue reading

Benefits Of Pomegranate

Health Benefits Of Pomegranates

The amazing red vibrant Pomegranate have been used for centuries in traditional eastern diets and have amazing super food benefits that can reverse the harm done to blood vessels due to unhealthy diet. Continue reading

Creative Nature Superfood Snack Bars

Creative Nature Super Food Bars

Sometimes when you have those long days were you are so busy you just want a quick snack that is satisfying and healthy, unless I have made delicious healthy snacks myself there is not much available to me apart from foods that contain unhealthy ingredients that are full of sugar that sneakily catch up on you and ruin all of your hard work! However I was recently lucky enough to come across an amazing brand called Creative Nature Continue reading