Keeping up with the World

I used to hate watching news as I would always be left upset and shocked by what was going on, also you never know what is the truth these days. However I came to

Pray for the World

My heart breaks with what is going on with the world. We are all here in one Earth, why are we destroying it? We are all connected human beings, no matter what race or

Doing things with good intentions

I think one of the best ways to feel secure and confident about pursuing your passion is to actually do it for yourself and because you love it. You are more likely to succeed

Small ways to grow as a person

Look after yourself and get regular health checks. Move you body and dedicate 20-30 minutes a day to some form of exercise as it is good for your mentally and physically. Always be open

How to protect your hair in Dubai

Since moving to Dubai I have experienced more hair loss and hair breaking than I ever have done, that is because the water is so harsh here it is very important to protect your

Best Foods For Beautiful Hair

Instead of spending a fortune on hair products, you can save yourself the hassle by adding these foods into your diet to nourish your hair the natural way from the inside!

The power of Positive Affirming Words

Every word you think of or speak of registers into your subconscious mind which can have either positive or negative effect on yourself. However you can use Positive Affirming words and affirmations to heal

Using a Vision Board to achieve your dreams

Visualisation is a method used by the most successful people in the world to help achieve what they want. It is the process of making mental images using your imagination of seeing the complete

Why you should follow your dreams!

Being a dreamer does not mean you are being unrealistic, it means you are going deep into your inner self to find why you are in this universe! People who have achieved a lot

Ho’oponopono Mantra Healing Technique

Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing technique that gives us the opportunity to repair and heal any hurt or damage in our souls, within ourselves and others that may cause grief and negative emotions in our present